Transitioning from Exchange 2000 to Exchange Server 2007

Hello folks,

I have been working during this week in a transitioning from Exchange 2000 to Exchange Server 2007, then I’ve decided to talk a little bit about the process using some key points that can be helpful for you when you need it to do the same.

During this transitioning I currently have: 2 DCs running Windows 2000 SP4 and 1 Exchange Server 2000 with SP4.

My main steps were:

  • Run ExBPA to fix all the issues before installing Exchange Server 2007 (some issues such as: Exchange 200 Native mode for Active Directory, Exchange Organization as native mode, remove the ADC Connector and etc..)

  • Upgrade the current Forest and Domain to support 2003 DCs, you can be using this kb:

  • Build at least one DC/Global Catalog running Windows 2003 SP2

  • Move FSMO for DCs 2003, you can be using this kb

  • Transfer at least Schema Master for this new server

  • When we have DCs and GCs Windows 2000 we have to install Exchange 2007 through command line, so here are the command syntax: /mode:install /role:ht,mb,ca /dc:<dc-wk3> /legacyroutingserver:<2k or 2k3 exchange server name>

  • To move mailbox we have to use command line as well, as it follows:
    Move-mailbox <alias> -TargetDatabase “<Exchange Server 2007 mailbox database name>” -DomainController <DC 2003 name> -GlobalCatalog <DC 2003 name>

I had some issues in the message flow between Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange 2000 that I will be explaining in a next post.

Best Regards,
Anderson Patricio.

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