Troubleshooting the message flow betwen Exchange 2000/2003 and Exchange Server 2007

Hello folks,

I will describe below some points that you should validate in your Exchange Server 2003/2000 to allow the message flow, here are they:

  • Validate which IP address Exchange Server 2007 resolves from the Exchange 2000/2003 server, try to connect in the port 25 of that server
  • Validate if the SMTP Virtual Server in Exchange 2000/2003 is listening in the correct IP Address (same IP that Exchange Server 2007 is resolving)
  • Validate if there is any connection filter blocking connection from Exchange Server 2007
  • If you are still having problems, try to stop your Antivirus software and validate if it works
  • If you have more than one Exchange 2003/2000 you can manage them in the Routing Group Connector, you can do that through Set-RoutingGroupConnector cmdlet in Exchange Server 2007

Do you have another point to be considerating during the troubleshooting, please post a comment and I will be adding to this current list.

Best Regards,
Anderson Patricio

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