Installing Exchange Server 2007 SP1:

Hello folks,

I’ve been upgrading some Exchange Server 2007 to SP1 since last November 30, and here are some hints that can be helpful in your environment:

  • Install the .Net Framework 2.0 SP1 ( or at least this kb (

  • If you are running Veritas Backup Agent for the Operating Sytem, disable it before starting the upgrade process (the process name should be beremote.exe)

  • If you are installing using a TS session make sure that there is no other session using Exchange Management Shell or Exchange Management Console

  • If you are using ForeFront for Exchange version 10, you have to update it to SP1

  • If you have ExchangeServer authentication selected in the receive connector, this connector must have the fqdn or netbiots name of the Hub Transport server in the FQDN parameter

  • If you are using ForeFront you must make sure that the ForeFront services are disable during the upgrade process (see this kb:

  • Some Services might have open files, the setup will inform the process and PID. If you need more information you can run tasklist | find “<PID-Number>”

  • If you’ve installed any software that requires a reboot, you should do that before deploy SP1 because the setup will require a reboot in order to continue the SP1 upgrade process
By the way, you can get the SP1 for 32bits and x64 at

Have you experienced something different? If yes, please drop me a line and I will be adding to the current list.

 Ps.: Thanks for Mauro Rita from Portugal by correcting the .Net Framework SP1 link.

Best Regards,
Anderson Patricio

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