Using IIMF on OCS 2007

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In OCS 2007 we have the IIMF (Intelligent IM Filter) built-in into the product. In this post we are going to enable the IIMF feature to filter URL in a OCS 2007 Standard Edition, as it follows:

  1. Open Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

  2. Expand Forest

  3. Expand Standard Edition Servers

  4. Right click on server name and click on Application Properties and then on Intelligent IM Filter

  1. Check Enable URL Filtering and now we have some options to define such as: If we want to block all hyperlinks that contains extentions defined in the File Transfer Filter tab, if we enable local intranet URLs.

In our post we are going to allow IM that contain hyperlinks but we will add a banner into each message and at the botton and instead of a link the user will receive a plain text. We are also able to chose some prefixes that the IIMF filter will be blocking.

Let’s do a test, the user administrator as shown in figure bellow will send a link for another user.

The user that receive the IM will receive the link with a friendly warning about the link and the link will receive a caracther “_” in front of the http://. It means if the user really wants to access that website, he have to copy the content and open it in a web browser.

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