Managing Exchange Resources Mailboxes

Hello folks, Today I finished the article series about Resource Mailboxes in Exchange Server, you can check them out in the following links: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: If you have any question about these articles please drop me a line or a comment in this entry. Best Regards,Anderson Patricio

How to refresh the disconneted user list in Exchange Server 2007

Hello folks, I received this question a couple of times before and it might help who face this following scenario: The Administrator has just deleted an user and he wants to update the list of the disconnected mailbox in the Exchange Management Console to play with the disconnected mailbox but the user is not there. Using Exchange Server 2003 we have just to right-click on Mailbox under Mailbox Database and click on Run Cleanup agent option and the disconnected mailbox will show up but how about Exchange Server 2007? It’s a piece of cake 🙂 but in order to do … Continue reading How to refresh the disconneted user list in Exchange Server 2007

OCS and Exchange Web Services

Hello folks, The UC (Unified Communications) initiative integrates Exchange Server 2007, OCS, Office 2007 and so forth.. Some of the OCS clients are able to get information from Exchange 2007 web services. The communicator team have blogged about how this integration works by Communicator client. In the Unified Communications (UC) world 2 types of clients access Exchange 2007 Web Services (EWS) running in Client Access server role (CAS). These two clients are Office Communicator 2007 (OC) and Office Communicator 2007 Phone Edition (OCPE). The Office Live Meeting client, Communicator Web Access and Office Communicator Mobile do not access EWS. OC … Continue reading OCS and Exchange Web Services

How to delegate an Exchange Server 2007 installation

Hello folks, Exchange Server 2007 allows us to delegate a server installation to an account only for installation purposes without give exchange administrative permissions to an account just for one installation. The installation delegate can be used after the firt exchange server 2007 has been installed. The permission required to delegate an Exchange Server installation is Exchange Organization Administrator role, and the user responsible for the remote installation will receive Exchange Server Administrator rights on that server. Delegating an Exchange server Installation To delegate an Exchange installation we will use the setup utillity using the following syntax: setup /nprs:<new server … Continue reading How to delegate an Exchange Server 2007 installation

How to add an UM language pack

Hello folks, There is a list with all available UM Language Packs for Exchange Server 2007, you can check this out at: After downloading the file we can add it to our current UM server, using the following command: /AddUMLanguagePack:<Language Code-Country> /S:<source directory where the Language Pack was installed> In the figure below I’m installing Canadian French support to the UM Server, after that we can start play with Auto Attendant and Dial Plan using the new language. Best Regards,Anderson Patricio Technorati : Adding, UM Language Pack

Planning Tool for Office Communications Server 2007

Hello folks, The planning tool provides you prescriptive guidance to get you started with planning your Office Communications Server 2007 topology. The tool asks you a series of interview questions about the features that you are interested in, as well as information about your organization. Based on the answers you provide, the planning tool draws out a recommended topology based on Microsoft’s Office Communications Server 2007 User Model that has been tested. The planning tool also provides customized links to the appropriate documentation to help you plan and deploy your topology. Get it here: Best Regards,Anderson Patricio

Description of Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1

The first update rollup was released for Exchange Server 2007 SP1. Microsoft has released Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1). This article describes the following information about the update rollup: • The issues that the update rollup fixes • How to obtain the update rollup • The prerequisites to install the update rollup • Whether there are any known issues Get it here:;displaylang=en Best Regards,Anderson Patricio