How to delegate an Exchange Server 2007 installation

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Exchange Server 2007 allows us to delegate a server installation to an account only for installation purposes without give exchange administrative permissions to an account just for one installation. The installation delegate can be used after the firt exchange server 2007 has been installed. The permission required to delegate an Exchange Server installation is Exchange Organization Administrator role, and the user responsible for the remote installation will receive Exchange Server Administrator rights on that server.

Delegating an Exchange server Installation

To delegate an Exchange installation we will use the setup utillity using the following syntax:

setup /nprs:<new server where exchange server 2007 will be installed> /sa:<user that will be responsible for that specific installation>

Note: nprs (new provisioned server) and sa (Server Admin)

After that we will be able to see the new server in our list of Exchange Server and for now his “role” will be Provisioned. There

Removing a provisionend server installation

In order to remove a provisioned server, we can run setup /nprs:<provisioned server name>, as shown in the following figure:

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