Communicator 2007 package update

Hello Folks,

There is a new package update for Communicator 2007, this package fixes the following issues:

  • 949894 ( Presence functions are disabled in Communicator 2007 when you use a time zone that includes a negative partial hour on a client computer

  • 948733 ( Error message when you try to shut down a client computer that is running Office Communicator 2007: “The data file ‘Mailbox – user’ was not closed properly”

  • 950492 ( You cannot manually change your status from “Away” in Communicator 2007 when you use a portable computer to connect to a remote computer

  • 48159 ( Error message in Communicator 2007 if the Outlook profile file name contains non-English characters: “There was a problem connecting to Microsoft Office Outlook”

  • 948737 ( A Communicator 2007 user hears a long dial tone mixed with the streaming audio if the user takes a USB telephony device handset off the hook and then uses the device to stream audio from another application

  • 948120 ( An audio conference or a video conference fails in Communicator 2007 when you try to invite a new participant to create a multiparty conference

The kb can be found at

The package download can be found at

Best Regards,
Anderson Patricio

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