Configuring a Managed Folder help page

Hello folks, MRM (Messaging Records Management) is a cool feature of Exchange Server 2007 however to work properly the users should be trained to use it. Exchange Server 2007 allows us to configure a page when you click on Managed Folder item when using Outlook 2007. Creating a page to instruct the user the basic steps should help your users a bit, so let’s see how to do that, as follows: #1. Ask you marketing department to create a nice webpage with nice pictures and good technicall stuff explaining how to use MRM #2. Add the content created in a … Continue reading Configuring a Managed Folder help page

Configuring a cisco hardware load balancer with OCS 2007

Hello folks, I’ve just read at Harold Wong’s Blog Site that there is a document explaining how to use a cisco load balancer with OCS 2007. Here is the document at cisco website: Read more at source: Au revoir,Anderson Patricio

Overhauling the PowerShell startup process

Hello folks, I saw an interesting post in the PowerShell Team Blog ( and they explained that running the script below you can increase the speed to open your PowerShell Console, as follows: Set-Alias ngen @(dir (join-path ${env:\windir} “Microsoft.NET\Framework”) ngen.exe -recurse |sort -descending lastwritetime)[0].fullName[appdomain]::currentdomain.getassemblies() | %{ngen $_.location} Read more at source: I ran in my machine and the startup time was much better than before. There is also a comment on that post to use Microsoft.NET\Framework64 in case of a x64 system. What’s your impression? Has it tuned up your PowerShell? Drop us a line about your experience. Cheers,Anderson … Continue reading Overhauling the PowerShell startup process

Rollup Update 3 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Hello folks, Actually this information is not new anymore 🙁 I’ve been working in a project using ILM between two Exchange 2007 forests and I couldn’t update this blog in the last couple of weeks. Well, I’m returning to blog regularly now and I hope you enjoy reading it.. So.. in this meantime the Rollup Update 3 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 has been released, as follows: There is also the same update for the RTM version and its number is 7, as follows: Cheers,Anderson Patricio

How to remove the sentence Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Hello folks, If you updated your server to Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Rollup Update 3 then you will be able to remove the text “Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007” using the following cmdlet: Set-TransportConfig WritingBrandingInDSNEnabled $false More information at:;en-us;941770&sd=rss&spid=10926 Cheers,Anderson Patricio Technorati : Remove, Sent by Exchange Server 2007

Monitoring Without System Center Operations Manager

The MSExchangeTeam released three new documents about Exchange Server 2007, one of them explains how to monitor exchange Server 2007 without using SCOM, as follows: Ensuring that servers running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 are operating reliably is a key objective for daily messaging operations. Therefore, ensuring server reliability should be systematically approached based on the principles outlined in Microsoft Operations Framework. For more information about Microsoft Operations Framework, see Microsoft Operations Framework. A significant aspect of Exchange 2007 daily operations is monitoring the health of the Exchange components to achieve the following goals: Generate alerts when operational failures and performance … Continue reading Monitoring Without System Center Operations Manager