Office Communications Server 2007 Edge Planning Tool

The Edge Planning Tool for Office Communications Server 2007 is a tool that takes a user through a set of interview questions regarding the proposed or current edge server deployment. The tool interviews users about their perimeter network settings as well as some questions regarding their internal deployment. Get it here:

OCS will support x64 in the next version

Hello folks, The OCS Team released a note saying that the next version will support x64 OS. As a part of the broad initiative across Microsoft to support 64 bit versions across many of its product lines, the next release of OCS will support 64-bit operating systems only. This decision will help meet customer demand and is a natural progression of the product that aligns with the same approach taken by the Exchange team (with Exchange 2007) and the SharePoint team (with SharePoint 2007) to support 64 bit operating systems only. For the next release of OCS, Microsoft will support … Continue reading OCS will support x64 in the next version

Data Protection Manager 2007 Volume Sizing Tool

“DPMvolumeSizing” is a tool-set that eases the process of gathering data for DPM volume sizing purposes and apply DPM sizing rules to obtain DPM replica and recovery point volume requirements. Scripts collect (local or remote) and save information in a format tuned to easily import into an Excel workbook and is detailed in the user guide. The tool-set is validated to work for the DPM; SQL Server, Virtual Server, Exchange Server 2007, Volume and System State protection workloads. Get it here: