Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" RC

Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) “2” delivers an integrated identity management solution with powerful self-service capabilities for Office end-users, rich administrative tools and enhanced automation for IT professionals and .NET and WS-* based extensibility for developers. ILM “2” provides organizations with unique workflow driven solutions to manage user accounts, passwords, groups and distribution lists as well as certificate-based credentials such as smart cards, using identity-based policies that can span across Windows and heterogeneous environments. And when you download the latest beta software, you’re automatically registered to access valuable beta resources assembled in one convenient location. System requirements: Get it here: … Continue reading Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" RC

How to use Exchange Management Shell to find users based on attributes

Hello folks, There are a bunch of questions in Microsoft Forums asking how to retrieve information from Exchange Server 2007, such as: how to search all users from a specific department or how many users that have redirection and so forth. Also, some beginners may find complicated to get this information using Exchange Management Shell. So.. I’m going to use a simple scenario and all methods used here can be used to retrieve any other information just comparing values. Let’s get some action… Scenario: Your boss is going to change the company SMTP address and he wants to know how … Continue reading How to use Exchange Management Shell to find users based on attributes