Using Exchange 2010 Windows PowerShell Command Log

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In this new Exchange Server version PowerShell got a lot of new tricks! 🙂 We can use Windows PowerShell Command Log to track down all the cmdlets used in Exchange Management Console in detail. To enable the functionality click on View.. in the Toolbox Actions and click on View Windows PowerShell Command Log…

Let’s click on Action menu item and then on Start Command Logging

Time to play with Exchange Management Console, let’s navigate on some roles properties, user properties, and so forth. Afterwards, let’s go back to View WindowsPowerShell Command Log and we will be able to see all cmdlets performed during our last trip to the Exchange Management Console. For each cmdlet ran in background we can see the status, start and end execution time and the details of that command. We can stop this trace clicking on Action and Stop Command Logging


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