Personalizing Disclaimer in Exchange Server 2010

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Exchange Server 2010 brings a lot of new features, today we will go over some of the new capabilities that we can have in a Disclaimer Transpor Rule rule.

Using Exchange Server 2010 we can add HTML and Active Directory information in a Transport Rule, isn’t cool?

To use an Active Directory attribute we have to use double dollar sign before and after the attribute name, for example: %%Company%%, it will bring the Company attribute of the user to the disclaimer. We can also combine HTML and AD attributes, in this post we are using some basic HTML in our disclaimer rule.

Okay, time for a test, let’s create a new Transport Rule that adds disclaimer to the messages, and in the disclaimer text, we are going to add the text of the figure below.

Okay, we are using the following attributes: DisplayName, StreetAddress, Company and Phone. My user which is going to send a message has all those attributes filled out as show in the following pictures:

Company’s attribute of my user

Street Address and Phone atributes

Now, my user is going to send a message, the user who receives my test message will see a personalized disclaimer based on user’s AD attributes.

By the way, if you want to learn how to create a disclaimer transport rule in Exchange Server 2010, you can follow this Exchange Server 2007 article that I wrote last year


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