Managing multiple users through Exchange Managent Console of Exchange Server 2010

Hello folks,

Today we are going over a new administrative feature found in the Exchange Management Console of Exchange Server 2010. In the new version we are able to change more than one user’ attributes in a single step like we already have in the Active Directory users and computers tool.

Let’s disable the IMAP protocol of a couple of users using Exchange Management Console, let’s select the designated users and click on Properties.

Click on Mailbox Features, and when we have <current status> value means that the values will not be changed on the selected mailboxes even though if they are different.

Let’s Disable IMAP4 procotol as can be seen on the picture below.

When you click on OK or Apply you will be prompted with a Bulk Edit Summary window containing all settings that will be applied and also the number of recipients that will be affected by that change.


Anderson Patricio

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