Free PowerShell V1 Book From the Makers of PowerShell Plus

Hello folks,

A free book (Mastering Powershell) is avaialable (567 pages of good stuff) written by Dr Tobias Weltner (creator of PowerShell Plus).

Here are the chapters of the free book:

1. The PowerShell Console

2. Interactive PowerShell

3. Variables

4. Arrays and Hashtables

5. The PowerShell Pipeline

6. Using Objects

7. Conditions

8. Loops

9. Functions

10. Scripts

11. Finding and Avoiding Errors

12. Command Discovery and Scriptblocks

13. Text and Regular Expressions

14. XML

15. The File System

16. The Registry

17. Processes, Services, Event Logs

18. Windows Management Instrumentation

19. User Management

20. Your Own Cmdlets and Extensions

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