How to broadcast a message from OCS console

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In this post I’m going over the process to broadcast a message using LCScmd to all OCS users. Sometimes you want to warn all users that a server is going down and you can do that in several different sending messages, instant messages and etc. In this post I will go over the process to send a broadcast message to all logged users on OCS.

The first step is make sure that the user that is going to run the LCScmd utility belongs to the RTCUniversalServerAdmins group.

Second step is to open the command promtp and go to X:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Office Communications SErver 2007 R2 folder and run the following syntax and after that hit enter.

LCScmd /Server /Action:BroadcastMessage /Role:SE /Message:”Type here your message”

Done, all users logged users will receive the message, as shown in the figure below. By the way, the output of the previous LCScmd gives you information which users received the message as well.


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