Exchange Server 2010: Managing Archive feature #02

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In the previous post we saw how to create an Archive Mailbox and also how to enable it in an existent mailbox. Today’s post we are going to identify a mailbox that has an Archive Mailbox using Exchange Management Shell and Console and also how to get statistics from an Archive Mailbox.

Identifying an Archive Mailbox…

That is really easy, basically a Mailbox that has an Archive Mailbox has a different icon. We can notice that the user Anderson.Patricio has a different icon than a regular account (Lidiana.Patricio in this example)

We can also use Exchange Management Shell to retrieve that information, we just need the Archive attributes of the mailbox, then let’s run the following cmdlet: Get-Mailbox <UserName> | Select archive* | fl. Again, we can notice the differences between those two users (Anderson.Patricio = Archive and Lidiana.Patricio = Just Mailbox).

Getting mailbox statistics from Archive Mailbox…

When the subject is archive the -Archive parameter does the trick as we saw in the previous post. In order to retrieve Mailbox statistics is the same rule, the following syntax will help us out:

Get-MailboxStatistics <UserName> -Archive


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