Exchange Server 2010: Managing Archive feature #03

Hi folks,

Continuing the Archive Mailbox Week.. Today, we are going to talk about Archive Mailbox Name and Quota.

Change the Archive Mailbox name…

Using Exchange Management Console, we can double click on an user and go to the Mailbox Features tab, and get Properties of Archive item.

Then, we can change the name of the Archive Mailbox …

and the results can be seen on either Outlook Web App or Outlook 2010.

Changing the warning quota for the Archive Mailbox…

We can also use Exchange Management console to change que Quota Warning, we just need to go to Mailbox Settings and get properties of Archive Quota item.

On the new dialog box we can define the new arning threshold in MB. By the way, we don’t have the total quota using GUI, if you want to do that, just use the following syntax: Set-Mailbox <UserName> -ArchiveQuota 2GB


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