DAG in Exchange Server 2010

Hello folks, I’ve just read In the UC blog an entry where the UC team states that DAG will be supported on Exchange Server 2010 Standard Edition. Isn’t that cool? 🙂 On the server side, Exchange Server Standard will now support high availability, so all customers can take full advantage of the new database availability group capabilities. Exchange Server Enterprise enables configurations with up to 100 databases per server. Read more at source: http://blogs.technet.com/uc/archive/2009/10/27/exchange-2010-revving-the-engines-for-launch.aspx Technorati : DAG, Exchange Server 2010, Standard Edition Del.icio.us : DAG, Exchange Server 2010, Standard Edition Zooomr : DAG, Exchange Server 2010, Standard Edition Flickr : … Continue reading DAG in Exchange Server 2010

ForeFront Administrators: Action Required by Dec 1st

Hi Folks, If you use Antigen/ForeFront Security and you are using any of these engines: AhnLab, CA, Sophos and also SpamCure, then you must read the post that the ForeFront Team published. Basically, those ones won’t be longer updated as explained below: The AhnLab, CA, and Sophos engines will be retired on Dec. 1, 2009. After December 1st, customers will not receive any updates for these retired engines. In order to make sure your Antigen and Forefront products continue to scan efficiently and effectively for malware, any customers running the AhnLab, CA, or Sophos engines must DISABLE these engines before … Continue reading ForeFront Administrators: Action Required by Dec 1st

Configuring DAG witness in a non-Exchange Server

Hi folks, Exchange Server 2010 is just around the corner and today we are going over the witness server/directory creation in a regular member server. The first question is why? Well, we already know that in this new release we can have only 2 servers and provide high availability for all roles the essential roles with those two servers. Remember that the same thing was accomplished with 4 servers in Exchange Server 2007 (2 CAS/HUB and 2 MBX – CCR). However DAG witness has some requirements, such as: it cannot be a member of the DAG; must be in the … Continue reading Configuring DAG witness in a non-Exchange Server

Exchange Server 2010 version-based routing

Hi Folks, Really nice post from MSExchangeTeam explaining the Exchange 2010 version-based routing. Long story short, Exchange 2010 Hub will communicate only with a Mailbox Exchange 2010, if you have an Exchange Server 2007 Mailbox a Hub 2007 is required to communicate with the legacy mailbox. By now, you’ve seen a few of our Spotlight on Exchange 2010 postings. If you have, hopefully you’re excited about the great work that has been going on to make Exchange 2010 the best version of Exchange yet. So then the practical side of you kicks in and starts to wonder what it is … Continue reading Exchange Server 2010 version-based routing

ForeFront names .. confused? Don’t be!

Hi Folks, Some of the ForeFront names, such as ForeFront Server Security Management Console, ForeFront Protection Manager, ILM or ForeFront Identity Manager make you crazy to figure out which is the name of current version and the next version? Well, the product family is not small and specially at this point they may cause some confusion with so many names. This page can help you out to memorize the current product names and their future names: http://www.microsoft.com/Forefront/en/us/trial-software.aspx. Cheers, Anderson Patricio http://msmvps.org/blogs/AndersonPatricio http:/www.andersonpatricio.org Technorati : ForeFront Del.icio.us : ForeFront Zooomr : ForeFront Flickr : ForeFront

How to renew the self-signed certificate using Exchange 2010 console

Hi Folks, Exchange Server 2010 introduced the certificate management through Exchange Management Console. In order to manage it, just expand Server Configuration and click on the required server on the left and on the bottom you will see certificates available for that server and at the Toolbox actions you will be able to all available options. In this post we are going to renew the certificate created during the server installation. Let’s click on Renew Exchange Certificate as shown in the figure above, and in the first wizard page we can select the services associated to the certificate. The renew … Continue reading How to renew the self-signed certificate using Exchange 2010 console

Download Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 RC1

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM), formerly known as Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” delivers an integrated identity management solution with powerful self-service capabilities for Office end-users, rich administrative tools and enhanced automation for IT professionals and .NET and WS-* based extensibility for developers. FIM 2010 provides organizations with unique workflow driven solutions to manage user accounts, passwords, groups and distribution lists as well as certificate-based credentials such as smart cards, using identity-based policies that can span across Windows and heterogeneous environments. And when you download the latest beta software, you’re automatically registered to access valuable resources assembled in one convenient location. … Continue reading Download Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 RC1