Installing Exchange Server 2010 pre-requisites on Windows Server 2008 R2

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If you have ever tried to use ServerManagerCMD on Windows Server 2008 R2 probably you will remember this message:

Servermanagercmd.exe is deprecated, and is not guaranteed to be supported in future releases of Windows. We recommend that you use the Windows PowerShell cmdlets that are available for Server Manager

So.. which means that we can use the XML files to install the pre-requisites but we should start using the new method which is PowerShell. In order to use PowerShell to add Windows Features we need to know three cmdlets: Get-WindowsFeature, Add-WindowsFeature and Remove-WindowsFeature. If you open a PowerShell prompt on your Windows Server 2008 R2 and you try it won’t work because you must enable the modules first, you can accomplish that task using Import-Module ServerManager cmdlet.

Using Exchange Server 2010 documentation has all the code to install all features using PowerShell capabilities, you can find this information at this page:

I’m a kind of lazy guy and I always trt to create scripts to automate regular process like the Exchange Server 2010 pre-requisites. So, using Microsoft documentation I created a script that asks you what you want to install for each role, also configures the NetTCPPortSharing service and gives you the TinyURL to download the Office 2007 Converter. The script is really simple and it can be seen in the figure below:

Get it here:] and make sure to rename it to .ps1 before using it.

Get it here: and make sure to rename it to .ps1 before using it.

Thanks to Phil Grainger and Robbie for telling me that required password to download. Thank you guys!

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