Script: Integrating OCS and OWA in Exchange Server 2010

Hi folks,

I’m working on an integration article between OCS and OWA and during my time writing all those process I realized that a script may be handy for some administrators.

The idea is really simple, the administrator will run the script (I named it as IMEXIntegration.ps1) and the script will list and ask you about the proper OCS Front End/Pool and that’s it. In the background the script will perform all those tasks.

The script in action can be seen in the figure below. The only information required is the OCS Front End/Pool name, and all changes that will be performed on your web.config will be listed as well.

So, I started to create a script for the Exchange side and in the current stage we have the following features:

  • A backup of the current web.config is created (Yes, you will be covered if something goes wrong)
  • The attributes IMCertificateIssuer and IMCertificateSerialNumber will be filled out automatically based on the certificate that you have on your CAS Server
  • A list of all OCS Front End and Pool servers will be listed and you just need to type in the correct pool
  • OWA Virtual Directory is configured automatically
  • IISreset is done at the end (by the way I’m not using /noforce in that script)
  • A folder IMBackup will be created underneath OWA folder and it will contain any changes made by the script on the web.config

What I’m still working on is.. enabling the firewall rules and download and install the Web Service Provider Installer Package and its additional tools.

If you want to help me on this one, please drop me a line and as soon as we have more improvements I will be updating this post.

The script can be found at this address:


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2 thoughts on “Script: Integrating OCS and OWA in Exchange Server 2010

  1. reposting hi res versions now. adobe wont allow vodies over 15 minutes in length to be posted to Youtube, even tho I am allowed to post unlimited length video.

  2. quick question i’ve waethcd a few videos on this and nobody mentions this if you host your own webpage this way do you have to keep your pc switched on 24/7 for it to be live on the net? in other words will people still be able to access my web page if my pc is off? if not then could i store these files etc on an external hdd and just keep that plugged to the net?sorry if this is a stupid question, i’m just now starting to learn )

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