Managing Picture Display In Outlook 2010

Hi folks, This week I published an article about Picture Display usage in Outlook 2010, the article was published at and has the script that I published here a couple of weeks ago ( Here is the article: Cheers, Anderson Patricio Twitter: @apatricio

Moving Mailbox in Exchange Server 2010 (Exchange Management Console)

Hi folks, Today’s post we are going over the process to move a mailbox using Exchange Server 2010 Management Console. This post scenario is a simple move mailbox between 2 servers in the same Exchange organization. In this post I will be demonstrating the technical steps involved in the process in a future post we will be explaining the architecture of the process. Let’s right click on the desired and then let’s click on New Local Move Request… Click on Browse and select the destination Mailbox Database and click on Next. In the Move Options page we can define if … Continue reading Moving Mailbox in Exchange Server 2010 (Exchange Management Console)

Configuring Event Log replication in a Windows Server 2003 Cluster

Hi folks, If you are monitoring your Exchange Server environment and you have Windows Server 2003 for your CCR/SCC, it’s recommended to disable the Event Log replication between (if it’s a CCR)/among (if it’s a SCC) the nodes to avoid duplicate entries on your monitoring tool. To disable the event log replication just run this following command on any node: Cluster /prop EnableEventLogReplication=0 Cheers, Anderson Patricio Twitter: @apatricio

Using My Site button in Outlook Web App

Hi folks, In Today’s post I will show you how simple is to integrate a website into your Outlook Web App experience. The My site button that shows up besides of Options is always shown when you have the user webpage filled out on the user user’s attribute. Let’s say you want to improve the collaboration between users you can have the users personal blogs configured on that attribute and in a single view (Outlook Web App) the user can have its messaging system, Instant Messaging and also access to his own page. The attribute is the webpage, that can … Continue reading Using My Site button in Outlook Web App