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In Today’s post I will show you how simple is to integrate a website into your Outlook Web App experience. The My site button that shows up besides of Options is always shown when you have the user webpage filled out on the user user’s attribute.

Let’s say you want to improve the collaboration between users you can have the users personal blogs configured on that attribute and in a single view (Outlook Web App) the user can have its messaging system, Instant Messaging and also access to his own page.

The attribute is the webpage, that can be configured on Active Directory Users and Computers or Exchange Management Console

Okay, let’s use a simple script on this post otherwise this post would be too short! 🙂

Let’s say all your associates have a personal page on your SharePoint/webportal, and you want to configure all users at the same time, wait a minute all those users also belong to the IT Organization Unit as well.

Here is a simple script that can be used to change all users from that specific OU to receive a standard page address based on their name (for example http://sharepoint.apatricio.local/blogs/<$name$>)


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2 thoughts on “Using My Site button in Outlook Web App

  1. Hey, and thanks for the tips on the “My Site” button.

    Is it possible to change the name of the button?
    So instead of “My Site” it’s called “Forum” or another title of the site the button is linked to.


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