Moving Mailbox in Exchange Server 2010 (Exchange Management Console)

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Today’s post we are going over the process to move a mailbox using Exchange Server 2010 Management Console. This post scenario is a simple move mailbox between 2 servers in the same Exchange organization.

In this post I will be demonstrating the technical steps involved in the process in a future post we will be explaining the architecture of the process.

Let’s right click on the desired and then let’s click on New Local Move Request…

Click on Browse and select the destination Mailbox Database and click on Next.

In the Move Options page we can define if we are going to accept some corrupted messages during the transfer and how many before cancelling the operation. By default if there is any corrupted message the operation is cancelled.

On the New Local Move Request page, just click on New.

On the completion page if everything was fine you will receive a message like this one shown in the figure below.

If the mailbox is in the Move Request list the mailbox icon will be different as shown in the figure below.

We can check que Move Request double clicking on the move request entry that is listed under Move Request item, as shown in the figure below.

If you double click on the move request, you can see a summary of the operation.

Cleaning up the Move Request…

After moving the mailbox we need to clean up the move request before moving the mailbox again. The process is really simple, just go to Move Request item on the left, and right-click on the entry and click on Clear Move Request…

A dialog box will ask for confirmation, just click on Yes.


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