How fragmentation on incorrectly formatted NTFS volumes affects Exchange

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Great article explaining how fragmentation on incorrectly NTFS affects Exchange brought to our attention on MSExchange Team blog Today.

Recently we have been seeing some gnarly performance issues in Exchange 2007 along with an added splash of database operation failures. This doesn’t sound enticing at all, but this blog post is going to discuss what these issues are and how to resolve them. This post is targeted mainly for Exchange 2007, but you can also apply the same methodology to Exchange 2010 as this is where the original problem was seen.

Before going in to this, here is a highlight of some of the issues that you may see:

  • Databases failing with an Out of Memory condition
  • Extremely slow log replay times on CCR/SCR replica copies (High replay queue lengths)
  • High amount of split I/O’s occurring on any given LUN/Volume.
  • Slowly rising RPC requests until the Information Store service goes unresponsive

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