Exchange Management Console using filters

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When you start having more than a single server and several databases it may be hard for a local administrator to open the Database Management tab because it will take longer to list all databases and their status and so forth, the same applies when you have hundreds of users especially if you usually only works with some of the databases or set of users (remote or site administrators).

If you are using a naming convention to differentiate your databases among locations you can use the Save Current Filter as Default feature of Exchange Management Console.

Let’s say that our environment has tons of databases and my account is responsible just for the databases in a site called Porto Alegre (POA), so when I open the first time the Exchange Management Console I will see all databases as shown in the figure below.


Let’s click on Create Filter and then let’s select Name on the first field, Contains in the second one and on the third one you fill out with the unique string to identify the set of databases that you want to manage right off the bat. In our case it is POA.


Now, it’s time to save it for other occasions, click on View and then Save current Filter as Default. That’s it, close your console and open it again and voilà the filter will be in place and your databases will be ready!


Note: This option also applies to any other filter that you may have in the Exchange Management Console.

Anderson Patricio (Portuguese)
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