Exchange Server 2013 EAC .. cool details!

Hi folks,

In this post I would like to point out a couple of cools details while managing Exchange Server 2013 RTM.

#1. Alerts

During your management process using EAC you may move stuff around among servers and when the process is finished you will receive alerts. The two alerts below are about Move Batch process.



#2. Icons on the toolbar

We do have a standard icons on the toolbar and you can add more icons! When you click on … (which means More ) you will notice a + button on each line, if you click on those they will be added to your toolbar.




#3. Add removing columns..

If you open recipients, mailboxes you may noticed that there is no information about the mailbox database which in some cases are vital depending on which task you are about to do. So besides of the filter capabilities, you can always click on … (More) and then Add/Remove Columns and voilà !


Well, there are so much more on the EAC but those 3 are a good start to take advantage of the new EAC!

Anderson Patricio (Portuguese)
Twitter: @apatricio

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