Disabling Exchange Admin Center (EAC)

Hi Friday Lovers!!! It’s finally here, eh?

In Today’s post we are going to disable EAC and that can be done easily through Exchange Management Shell and the Set-ECPVirtualDirectory cmdlet.

Why you should do that? Well, depends of your security requirements. You may have a policy that does not allow any management outside of your network or something like that.

Anyways, here is the two cmdlets, in the first one I find the current value and afterwards I change it. Also a IISReset is a good thing to force the refresh.


How about the results? If any admin that used to have the full admin console tries to log on using ECP he will have the same logon page, no surprises here.


However after logging then he will have a surprise where he will be able to manage just his personal mailbox settings not the organization.


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2 thoughts on “Disabling Exchange Admin Center (EAC)

  1. Hi,

    but how should I administer my Exchange Server then? This cmdlet also disables Admin Center on the internal ECP.


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