How to assign permission to use Import/Export role in Exchange 2013 EAC

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Today we are going over the process of assigning permissions to any given user to allow export/import to and from PST using Exchange Server 2013 EAC (Exchange Admin Center). The process is similar to Exchange Server 2010 however since EAC is sort of a different interface the location of the settings is in a different place.

Logged with organization management credentials, let’s click on permissions item on the left,  and then admin roles tab. If you are using default settings on the RBAC, you may just change the Recipient Management however if the user that you want to use the Import/Export feature has a different management role, then double click on that one. In our case let’s go straight to Recipient Management.


In the properties of the management role, let’s click on Add (+ icon) under Roles section.


Select Mailbox Import/Export from the list and click Add, as shown in the figure below. Then click OK and Save.


Make sure that you logoff and logon the user affected by the role that we just updated and the user will be golden to perform the import and export process. Bear in mind that yesterday we cover the export process and my next post is going to be about the import one. Here is the link for export process:

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2 thoughts on “How to assign permission to use Import/Export role in Exchange 2013 EAC

  1. lifesaver. I found this after searching for hours. The role group wasn’t specified. Spot on instructions and applicable to 2013 RTM as well. Thanks.

  2. This is incomplete – you forgot to say then ADD A USER – doh!. it articles like this that just frustrate people – half arsed.

    Just stopping at adding a rold is idiocy. DONT assume people will add a user in.

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