Importing PST data into Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013 using EAC

Hi folks,

So far this week we assign the required permissions to manage the Import/Export process using Exchange Server 2013 and we also created a file share to support the operations, and finally we export data. Now, it’s time to bring it back and import data into a mailbox using Exchange Admin Center.

We are going to use the same ExUtil$ folder that we created (my next post will be a summary with all posts related to this topic) and we are going to have a couple of PST files with some content, as shown in the figure below.


In order to start the process, let’s log on EAC, and then click on recipients item on the left, and then mailboxes tab. In the list of mailboxes, select the one that is going to receive a PST and click on … (more) and then click on Import PST


In the first page of the wizard, let’s specify our sharing work folder and also the file (in our case \\servername\ExUtil$\anderson2.pst) and click Next.


In the second page, we still have a chance to change the mailbox by clicking on browse however let’s keep the mailbox that we selected in the main page and we can choose  if we want to import the PST data into the regular mailbox or archive, the default settings is regular mailbox. Click on Next.


The final page of the wizard allows us to choose an user (by default who started the operation) and send a message when the process is finished. Click on Finish.


As part of the process when it completes a notification will be displayed if you are still using Exchange Admin Center.


Also a message will be sent to you informing you that the process is over, how long it took, the mailbox, time which started, which file was used and finally who was the user who started the process.


That’s all, simple as that to import a PST into any mailbox using Exchange Server 2013! Smile


Anderson Patricio (Portuguese)
Twitter: @apatricio

14 thoughts on “Importing PST data into Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013 using EAC

  1. I don’t have any “import” or “export to pst” voices in my …(More) options.

    Only have “add a column”, “export to csv” and “connect to disconnected mailbox”

    any advice?

  2. Hi guys,
    Have you checked the first article of this series where we assign RBAC permissions to allow the user to import/export?

    I think you missed that task.

    Please, let me know.

    Anderson Patricio

  3. Hi, I have too tried this but am also missing the import PST option, I checked the post about assigning RBAC permissions but maybe read the wrong one as can’t see anything relating to it in there – I am logged on as an administrator and do not have this option.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

  4. I also have no option to import and export and i followed the article about RBAC permissions. Must I restart a service?

  5. Anderson,

    It’s great blog. But how to find the error why Import PST of mailbox has failed? Any suggestions to sort it out?


  6. If you don’t have the ‘Import PST’ or ‘EXport PST’ option when you click ‘…’ then assign the right using Exchange Power Shell command:

    New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role “Mailbox Import Export” –User “domainuser”

    Where “domain user” is your user e.g. “administrator”

    The close and reopen the Exchange Admin Centre web page.

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