Office Web Apps Server – Configuring the server

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In Today’s post we are going over the steps to configure the Office Web Apps Server and the configuration has no GUI, everything is done at PowerShell level however the configuration is really simple, just a few cmdlets and you will be all set to configure the integration on your favorite products: Exchange 2013, Lync 2013 and SharePoint 2013.

It is possible to configure HTTP however for the sake of security let’s configure the certificates that we installed yesterday.

Our first step is to create the farm and we can do that using the New-OfficeWebAppsFarm and in this cmdlet we can define the internal (-InternalURL parameter) and/or external (-ExternalURL parameter) URL and another key parameter is the –CertificateName which must match the name that we defined yesterday. Bear in mind that is the Friendly Name of the certificate installed on the server not the common name of the certificate.

In this example we are going to define just the internal name. The result of that cmdlet is shown in the Figure below as well.

New-OfficeWebAppsFarm –InternalURL https://POAWebApp.apatricio.local –CertificateName “POAWebApp – Internal CA”


The cmdlet is nice but we should look at the IIS level to see what is really going on. A 809 binding will be created for intercommunication among nodes, and also 810 using https and our certificate will be created. The figure below show the changes on IIS.


Testing the new server..

The best way to test it is using /hosting/Discovery">https://<name-of-the-server>/hosting/Discovery and the result should be similar to the figure below.


Configuring some Server’s settings..

Now that our server is configured, we can configure additional features. A good one is to enable users to edit documents on Office Web Apps Server (There is a license required for that). If you want to enable we show you how to do it in the image below.


Also, you may want to add new servers to your farm and it can be done easily using the following cmdlet:

New-OfficeWebAppsMachine -MachineToJoin "POASRV02"

How about to enable the users to open from URL and/or UNC? You can use the same Set-officeWebAppsFarm and the following parameters using $true or $false to manage the settings: OpenFromURLEnabled and OpenFromUNCEnabled

In order to get a list of all parameters that you can play with, just run Get-OfficeWebAppsFarm and voilà!

Anderson Patricio (Portuguese)
Twitter: @apatricio

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