Exchange Server 2013: Deploying a new DAG – Pre-stating the CNO

Bom dia amigos (Today’s post is coming from Sao Paulo, Brazil)

This week we are going to create a DAG in Exchange Server 2013 and in the first post we will be pre-stating the computer account that will be used by our future DAG also known as CNO (Cluster Network Object).

Usually the entire process is done automatic during the DAG creation using either EAC or Exchange Management Shell which is going to be our topic for tomorrow.

However in a restrict environment or in some circumstances you may want to create the object before executing the wizard. Also, when using a Windows 2012 Domain Controller you may consider using this procedure as well.

The process is straight forward and it’s done entirely using Active Directory Users and Computers. The first step is to create a Computer object, in our case let’s call MVDDAG, as shown in the figure below.


The next step is to disable the account… and a dialog box will be displayed, just click on Yes and then OK.


In Active Directory Users and Computers, click on View and then Advanced Features. This task will enable the Security tab for our next step.

Let’s ask properties of the new object that we have just created and then go to the Security tab, then click on Add.. and add the Exchange Trusted Subsystem with Full control permission.


The result should be similar to the one shown in the figure below.


Anderson Patricio (Portuguese)
Twitter: @apatricio

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