Exchange Server 2013: Deploying a new DAG – Adding Members

Good morning it’s almost Friday!

Okay, so far in our series we created the CNO object for the new DAG in our brand new Windows Server 2012 DCs and we also created the DAG object using EAC, now it’s time to add the mailbox servers to our new DAG.

Let’s click on servers in the main page and then let’s click on database availability groups and a list of all our DAGs will be listed. Let’s click on the 5th button of the toolbox as shown in the Figure below.


In the new page, let’s click on Add icon and add the servers, here it’s up to you if you want to do one by one or all of them at the same time. After adding all servers that you want, please click on save.


Now we are talking, the member server is being configured to support DAG which includes Failover settings and this process may take up a few minutes depending of your environment. Wait for the results and they should be similar to the image below. Click on Close.


If we look to the same initial page of the database availability groups section, we will notice that the servers added are being shown in the Member servers column.


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