Removing the first line (#TYPE) when using Export-csv cmdlet

Hello my friends,

If you export data from Exchange you may have already noticed that after exporting data you will have a first line which by default starts with #TYPE and then specifies the object (full qualified).

If you are not sure we can show you the issue in a couple of steps. First Let’s get a list of all our mailboxes and then export to the file OUTemp.csv


If we open the file, here we have the first line with the information.


It’s not a big deal but when you open on Excel instead of having your columns ready to rock and roll you have to go there and delete the line.


The solution..

The solution can be found in the export-csv cmdlet by using the switch –NoTypeInformation as show in the figure below.


Now, as result we can open the CSV file generated by the previous cmdlet and voilà we don’t have that line.


Anderson Patricio (Portuguese)
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