How to remove a DAG member in Exchange Server 2013

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In Today’s post we are going over the process to remove a DAG member when they have a regular database copy previously configured on Exchange Server 2013.

You may want to do this procedure as part of your maintenance tasks, decommission of a server or in some cases when you want to move Database and Log files of a DB in a DAG.

The first step after identifying the server that is to be removed is to list all databases that the server has on the DAG which it belongs to. In our scenario here the server that is going to be removed is POAEX16.

For each database, let’s click on it and then click on Remove on the database properties to remove the copy from the server that we want to.


A confirmation will be required, just click on yes


After removing the database we need to go to the affected server and remove the files. Click on ok on the message that informs us to do exactly that.


Time to remove the member from the DAG, let’s click on servers, then database availability groups select the DAG where the server belongs to, and click on the 5 (fifth) button from the left. When selecting the DAG we can see the members on the details page located on the right side.


In the new page, let’s select the server that we want to remove and click on the remove button (- minus icon) and then click save


Wait a little bit for all testing to be validated and the server will be removed from the DAG. Click on Close.

Note: If you have any issues during the process an error message with the reason why it failed will be displayed.


If you look at the Database availability groups tab and we will see that the DAG now has a single server and our server was removed as planned.



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