We are moving…

Hi folks, We have been using MSMVPS.com for 7 years now and it has been great however it’s time to move to a new platform where we are going to allow more social features and so forth. The new address is www.AndersonPatricio.ca and on the right side of the page you will be able to be up-to-date with your posts using your favourite social media (Facebook, Twitter, RSS and e-mail notification). We are not going to delete this site and during the coexistence period we will be posting links here to the new locationbut we strongly recommend you to update … Continue reading We are moving…

My MCM self-study labs and a couple of hints about the exam process

Hi there, One of my new’s year resolution was to study for the MCM exam and last February I was able to manage to write the exam and I passed, and now somehow I should go back to my LAB to start studying for the MCM LAB Exam. Since I’m planning to do that I would like to share with you a few hints about my study process so it may help yours as well. Important: I couldn’t get approval from my company to join the MCM training in Seattle and that is the only reason that I decided to … Continue reading My MCM self-study labs and a couple of hints about the exam process

Back in business

Hi folks, It has been a while since my last post and now I’m back for good. After spending my last 7 months in Brazil in a project I’m finally back home, close to my Hyper-V servers and with a couple of Exchange gigs down the road. Time to have some fun and blog about cool stuff! Back in Brazil I had the opportunity to present two sessions in TechED South America: one session about SP1 and another session about DPM (most of the time I used Exchange as example during the session :)). Cheers, Anderson Patricio http://msmvps.org/Blog/AndersonPatricio http://www.andersonpatricio.org Twitter: … Continue reading Back in business

I’m back..

Hello folks, I’m back, after a while without a doable laptop and after changing some components such as 2 motherboards, 2 LCDs, keyboard, memory, 2 cpu and so forth 🙂 the on-site technician gave up and now I have a new laptop and I’m starting to fire it up my virtual machines again and start to blog as well. Cheers, Anderson Patricio http://msmvps.org/blogs/andersonpatricio