Microsoft Andean Developer Days 2006 sucessfully ended

“Microsoft Andean Developer Days 2006” has sucessfully ended. The event was highly organized, good audience and a rich content throughout all sessions. An excellent feedback was received from the audience. None of this was possible without the cooperation and support of communities, some Microsoft employees as Néstor Guadarrama, Ivanov Cepeda, Sergio Victorio, my fellas from Colombia as Rúben, Steven, Willy Marroquin… “El Pata” (Pata = Colloquial name for friend in Peru) Segundo León and a lotta people who directly or indirectly made this possible. A big hug and thanks for your hospitality.

Best regards,


P.S.: There are a lot of people behind the scenes too but it’s a bit hard to remember all of their names… but you all know… “You Rock!!!”

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