My Architecture Journal article is available

The article that I wrote for the Microsoft Architecture Journal is now available. I hope you enjoy it. I’m very proud if it – a lot of work went into it, and I love the way it looks now it is completed. Please let me know what you think.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions or want additional information. 

Buy vs Build

 Please note that the views expressed in this post, along with the rest of my blog, are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer.   Anna’s article on the issues being faced by the organisation she has been working with where the directive is to buy, not build, but where the buy decision is clearly not right.  There are a couple of principles that either organisations at a board level or IT Departments at an Enterprise Architecture level are applying that I fundamentally disagree with, and the principle of ‘Buy, not Build’ is one of the … Continue reading Buy vs Build

The Microsoft Event of the Year

My wife and I were lucky enough to attend THE Microsoft Event of the Year on the weekend, and it wasn’t TechEd.  Yes, that’s right – it was the XBOX 360 Waterballoon Challenge.  We had an awsome time, and somehow managed to stay mysteriously dry, even though we were in the thick of it all, looking for trouble.  Odd. Not sure that either of us managed to hit a single person from the other side (we were on the Green Team) and I’m pretty sure that every water balloon managed to get either (a) someone from our team or (b) … Continue reading The Microsoft Event of the Year

ASWEC 2006 – Yay, I got an award!

Well, ASWEC has just finished. This was the Australian Software Engineering Conference. You most likely won’t have heard of it as it is pretty small, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has papers from academia and from industry on software engineering and is vendor-independent. The quality of presentations was very impressive, and they were all engineering, rather than product focussed. I was lucky enough to receive an award for ‘Best Industry Experience Award’ – in other words, best presentation from the 14 presented by people from organisations as opposed to those from universities. The paper was “Large Scale Integration Design … Continue reading ASWEC 2006 – Yay, I got an award!

So Why ‘Yes, But’?

Well, it came from a conversation at the MVP Summit in Redmond Sept 2005. The comment was made that more information is needed for Architects to show how technologies should and shouldn’t be used. This differs from the common marketing-focussed documentation that is generally available. The need is for this kind of ‘Yes, but’ documentation then, but this kind of information is best provided by MVP’s and other ‘external’ people. That therefore is one of the aims of the Blog – to provide the ‘Yes, but’ documentation.