I liked it so much I joined the comittee….

…for ASWEC 2007.  I’m the Industry Track Chair for the Australian Software Engineering Conference to be held just after Easter next year.  So, its my job to put together a great program of presentations from the Australian software industry on the wonderful innovations that are being achieved in the realms of design, architecture, testing, methodology, MDA, OO, agents, and so on.  I’l looking for both papers and assistance in reviewing papers.  If the latter sounds like you, let me know.  If you have something interesting to say, start to get your stuff together – submissions will open soon.

User Interface Selection Principles

OK, so now you know my feelings about the way that some organisations look at implementing COTS solutions.  Now, let me fill you in on another one of my pet architectural issues: the use of web broswers as a UI for applications. I recall the history of the IT industry through the 90’s well.  There were three main factors at work – the growth of PC, the growth of Windows and the growth of everyone against Microsoft.  Three periods existed, at least as far as client development was concerned: In the early 90’s most applications were accessed from green-screen terminals … Continue reading User Interface Selection Principles