It’s all in the User Interface

You’d think that if I was going to start posting again then I would start by talking about what makes a good Architect or something given my last post, but I want to start by listing out some thoughts that I’ve had about user interfaces, The current and next big thing in architecture is the user interface.  This has been stated for some time now and anyone can see from Web 2.0 and AJAX that there is a shift towards more interactive and friendly UI’s.  I’d like to go one step better though and put out there that the major … Continue reading It’s all in the User Interface

I’m Back

Well, I’m surpised to see that at least a couple of people are still reading this despite the fact that I haven’t updated this in, like, forever… Since the last time I’ve updated this page I have been very busy with life and with a new role at work that has taken much more than its fair share of time.  I now work as a ‘Delivery Manager’ for Infosys Australia.  This means that I’m responsible for things like people, project governance and a whole pile of things that aren’t related to Architecture.  It’s also lead me to question the relevance … Continue reading I’m Back