ASWEC 2009 Call for Papers

The call for papers for the ASWEC 2009 Conference to be held on the Gold Coast 14-17 April is now open. This year’s topic is “Agile, the New Mainstream”… ASWEC provides a recognised forum for exchanging experience and new research results in software engineering, and is designed to offer the opportunity for interaction between software engineering researchers and industry practitioners. To deliver extra value to participants, ASWEC 2009 will include a program of workshops and tutorials on current topics in software engineering led by experts in their fields. I’m a great fan of ASWEC.  The concept of a conference that … Continue reading ASWEC 2009 Call for Papers

Architecture Big Bets 2008-2009 – Part 2 – Parallel Processing

In his keynote for Tech.Ed 2008 in the US Bill Gates made a passing comment that chips aren’t going to be getting any faster any more.  Moore’s Law is still working, but rather than processing power increasing linearly as it has until recently, chips will be adding cores instead.  There are complex engineering reasons behind this that I don’t really understand but I do understand the implication of this on software development.  These implications are significant and ground-shifting for development, and therefore for architecture.  In the past it has been possible to just write code and rely on computers to … Continue reading Architecture Big Bets 2008-2009 – Part 2 – Parallel Processing

Architecture Big Bets – Part 1 – Replacing HTML (Finally!)

HTML is an excellent technology, and I truly raise my hat to Sir Tim Berners-Lee for inventing it.  My suggestion is that by now HTML is no longer suitable as either an application development platform or is optimal an information delivery method in some cases.  I’d like to present this theory as the first Architecture Big Bet. You probably know my views on that I have been talking for some time now about the fact that desktop applications are better for internal applications that are used by users for a significant period of time.  Well, the information that I have … Continue reading Architecture Big Bets – Part 1 – Replacing HTML (Finally!)

Architecture Big Bets 2008-2009 – Introduction

As an Architect I concentrate less on detail these days and more on fluffy bits, so I get to spend time looking at things that are coming down the pipe and trends and changes in the future. I’m aware that many other Architects are focused differently. There might therefore be some value from me sharing some of the areas that I see changes happening in. In fact, I am finding this whole area extremely exciting at the moment (in a very geeky kind of way). I have looked at a lot of changes that have occurred over the time in … Continue reading Architecture Big Bets 2008-2009 – Introduction

Tech.Ed 2008 Slides and Outcome

So Tech.Ed is over for another year.  No matter what I might be doing and where I might be heading I still have a very close affinity with technology (I’m still very much a geek at heart, and even my mug says so!) and so as much as Tech.Ed is busy and tiring for a speaker there is still some sadness when it is over. I think Tech.Ed was a success overall and I was very happy to see that my session was well received even though (or perhaps even because) it was not  a deeply technical session.  I’m actually … Continue reading Tech.Ed 2008 Slides and Outcome