Australian Architecture Forum

I’ve been involved with the Australian Architecture Forum for some time now, from the outside through an involvement with IASA.  Now that I’m with Object I have an opportunity to be involved from the inside, given that Object run the conference, and I’ve been putting a lot of time into the planning of this year’s Forum. 

It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that the Australian Architecture Forum (AAF) is ready to accept registrations.

We’re very proud of what we have planned for AAF this year.  We’ve leveraged the best ideas from conferences around the world, such as our use of Open Space Technology and a unique approach to opening our preparation to partners. 

We’ve also selected tracks to target some of the hottest architectural topics at the moment – cloud and sustainability, as well as a general architecture track to target architecture as a profession.

Have a look at the Australian Architecture Forum web site.  Registration is coming soon.  I’ll also be blogging on that site as our preparation continues.

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