Office 2010 – The Movie – LoL!! [:)] Clippy?  Is clippy going to make a return?  I would seem so. I love this idea.  I was (apparently) one of the few people that liked the Office Assistants (although Clippy wasn’t the best).  I thought they did an excellent job of ‘humanising’ what is a fairly bland set of software products (sorry Office Dev team – it does look nice, but only as cool as a productivity suite can be).  It got me thinking though about the whole concept, and while I don’t know what the team is planning, and I can see a nightmare … Continue reading Office 2010 – The Movie

Presenting at BA World

I’m going to be brave over the next couple of months and present a few times at the series of BA World conferences in Australia.  I’m presenting the following at Business Analysts World in Sydney 6-8th July and then in Melbourne 13-15th July on Business Analysts v Architects.  You did know there was a war, right? [;)] Here’s the adbstract: There is much tension in all IT shops and all projects about the role of Business Analysts and Architects. The point where the roles meet is subject to much contention, and even anguish in some cases. This issue has been … Continue reading Presenting at BA World

Early Bird Registration for Australian Architecture Forum

Just a quick note to let you know that Early Bird registration is open for the Australian Architecture Forum until July 15.  We are assembling a fantastic line-up of international speakers and Open Space participants from across the breadth of the IT landscape.  The conference is looking like better and better value all the time, and it is even better value if you register early. Hope you can come and join us!