Office 2010 – The Movie – LoL!! [:)]

Clippy?  Is clippy going to make a return?  I would seem so.

I love this idea.  I was (apparently) one of the few people that liked the Office Assistants (although Clippy wasn’t the best).  I thought they did an excellent job of ‘humanising’ what is a fairly bland set of software products (sorry Office Dev team – it does look nice, but only as cool as a productivity suite can be). 

It got me thinking though about the whole concept, and while I don’t know what the team is planning, and I can see a nightmare for system admins, Clippy as a portal to social networking for Office users would be a killer.  Clippy delivering Twitter and Facebook messages?  Clippy playing music files?  Either way, I’m thinking that we are moving into a new phase of UI development where things start getting sexy and fun again.  Windows 7 is certainly an advance on that front already.

I’ll blog more as soon as I can lay my hands on a beta of Office 2010.

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