Selecting a Wiki

In the presentation on “Challenging the Role of the Architect” I talked about the need for a team Wiki where the lower-level details of the system documentation should be published.  Some people have asked for more information about this – what wiki do I recommend.  This is a very intersting question because it is a little like asking ‘what source code repository should I use?’ in that the answer is quite clearly ‘it depends’.  Let me take a stab at a piece of logic though and we’ll see if that helps: If you are working with resonably recent version of … Continue reading Selecting a Wiki

Architect Knowledge

I’ve recieved a few questions from people along the lines of “I’m a Developer and I’m about to work as an Architect” or “I just got put in an Architect role and I’d like to know what I need to know to be a good Architect”.  This is obviously a big and complex question, and so I am writing a big and complex set of answers.  Trouble is that this is taking me ages though and I know that everyone is waiting for something to start on, so I have pulled out a few things that I suggest that you start … Continue reading Architect Knowledge

Virtualisation Maturity Model

Here’s an interesting article by Peter Koen that refers extensively to the Virtualisation Maturity Model that Peter Richardson and I invented for Edition 18 of The Architecture Journal.  Lots of fun to see that we are being quoted, even if I wasn’t aware that the article existed until today:  It is quite a good read though, so I recommend you go and have a look.