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I’m talking at the Enterprise Futures Forum on Tuesday 17th on strategies for adopting SOA and the Cloud.  Here’s some information on the conference and a 2 for 1 offer that the organisers have running at the moment:

We are addressing the latest issues:


·                     1. With the flurry of recent acquisitions (eg BEA, Peoplesoft, SUN, (SeeBeyond & MySQL), Stellent, Siebel, iflex) Oracle has become a major software supplier for most local enterprises.  As a local enterprise professional, it makes sense to stay up to date with their software capabilities and strategy – come along and see what Matt Wright, Bill Hicks and Cameron McPhee have to say.


·                     2. National broadband will open up new possibilities.  Things which were not possible or practical before suddenly become possible.
Find out when, where and how much bandwidth is planned to come on line.


·                     3. Australia will attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in early December. The resulting global agreement on emission reductions will most likely require businesses to monitor and curb their carbon emissions, and we in IT will be required to provide and modify systems for this. How are we going to do it?


·                     4. SOA has been through the hype curve – find out where it really applies and how to go about it.


·                     5. Hear all about how Google address the challenges of user apps, how you can take advantage of Google’s technology when building your own. Did I mention the Wave demo and the surprise give-away to all attendees?…


Come for the whole day or half day – decide what is of most interest to you, and customise your day accordingly (www.gener8.com.au/ejaforum09)


Keynotes topics:           Broadband initiative, Green IT, SOA, Google Wave

Stream Sessions:          Business & Technical streams – 5 experts in each stream to take you into the future

Panel Discussions:        Business & Technical sessions – 7 experts on each panel to answer your questions

Discussion Threads:      Casual interactive afternoon sessions – Startups, Real SOA, Real Green IT and more – to get up close and personal with your preferred topics

Book by midday Friday and take advantage of the 2 for 1 offer!

 Click here to register now!


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