So what is Surface 2?

At CES in January Microsoft launched Surface 2.  While it did receive a lot of attention from the press and bloggers, I don’t think the attention was anywhere near the attention that was deserved for such a game changing and revolutionary product. Make no mistake – Surface 2 is just as innovative and even more game-changing than the original.  It isn’t just a minor update – it is a complete, deep rethink of the concept.  More importantly, this rethink has addressed all of the ‘issues’ with V1 that we see great potential for the product.  This means that as a … Continue reading So what is Surface 2?

Waxing Lyrical About Cloud

At Tech.Ed is this year I spent most of the time talking about challenging the role of the Architect, but I did get some time to sit down with Darryl Chantry from Object and talk about another area that I’ve been spending a fair bit of time analysing of late – clould computing.  In a wide ranging discussion we talked about a comparrision of the different cloud platforms, the issues for organisations chosing a platform and moving to the cloud and the role of the Architect in cloud.  The video of the discussion is available from the Tech.Ed site here.

Presenting at BA World

I’m going to be brave over the next couple of months and present a few times at the series of BA World conferences in Australia.  I’m presenting the following at Business Analysts World in Sydney 6-8th July and then in Melbourne 13-15th July on Business Analysts v Architects.  You did know there was a war, right? [;)] Here’s the adbstract: There is much tension in all IT shops and all projects about the role of Business Analysts and Architects. The point where the roles meet is subject to much contention, and even anguish in some cases. This issue has been … Continue reading Presenting at BA World

Early Bird Registration for Australian Architecture Forum

Just a quick note to let you know that Early Bird registration is open for the Australian Architecture Forum until July 15.  We are assembling a fantastic line-up of international speakers and Open Space participants from across the breadth of the IT landscape.  The conference is looking like better and better value all the time, and it is even better value if you register early. Hope you can come and join us!

Australian Architecture Forum

I’ve been involved with the Australian Architecture Forum for some time now, from the outside through an involvement with IASA.  Now that I’m with Object I have an opportunity to be involved from the inside, given that Object run the conference, and I’ve been putting a lot of time into the planning of this year’s Forum.  It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that the Australian Architecture Forum (AAF) is ready to accept registrations. We’re very proud of what we have planned for AAF this year.  We’ve leveraged the best ideas from conferences around the world, such as our … Continue reading Australian Architecture Forum