Enterprise Futures Forum

I’m talking at the Enterprise Futures Forum on Tuesday 17th on strategies for adopting SOA and the Cloud.  Here’s some information on the conference and a 2 for 1 offer that the organisers have running at the moment: We are addressing the latest issues:   ·                     1. With the flurry of recent acquisitions (eg BEA, Peoplesoft, SUN, (SeeBeyond & MySQL), Stellent, Siebel, iflex) Oracle has become a major software supplier for most local enterprises.  As a local enterprise professional, it makes sense to stay up to date with their software capabilities and strategy – come along and see what Matt … Continue reading Enterprise Futures Forum

Tech.Ed 2009

I’m presenting in the Architecture Track at Tech.Ed Australia again, and maybe also Tech.Ed New Zealand for the first time.  Here’s what I was thinking of talking about: Challenging the Role of the ArchitectThere are as many definitions of the role of the Architect as there are organisations, and current shifts in approaches like Agile are further pushing the boundaries.  Do we even need Architects?  Many would suggest not.  In this talk, long-time Architect and Solutions Architect MVP Kevin Francis from Object Consulting will challenge the audience with his views on Architecture and Architects, covering areas such as: The role … Continue reading Tech.Ed 2009

Presenting at BA World

I’m going to be brave over the next couple of months and present a few times at the series of BA World conferences in Australia.  I’m presenting the following at Business Analysts World in Sydney 6-8th July and then in Melbourne 13-15th July on Business Analysts v Architects.  You did know there was a war, right? [;)] Here’s the adbstract: There is much tension in all IT shops and all projects about the role of Business Analysts and Architects. The point where the roles meet is subject to much contention, and even anguish in some cases. This issue has been … Continue reading Presenting at BA World

Talking about sustainability

Now that the article on The Green Maturity Model for virtualisation in Issue 18 of The Architecture Journal is out there and generating interest it is time to start talking about it,  The whole topic is of great interest and importance and I’ve continued to work on the IP behind it with others from Object. I’m going to be presenting on Sustainable Architecture Design at JAOO in Sydney on May 8. Details are here. Hope to see you there.

I’m presenting tonight

Very late notice (it kind of snuck up on me like everything else does), but I am presenting tonight. The presentation is on my favourite topic of career development. and is about how developers can learn to become great architects and how architects can chart a course to the next step.  Something in it for everyone (as long as you are a developer or an architect!) The presentation is for Victoria .NET and is on at Microsoft’s Melbourne office at Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place (Southbank) from 5:30.  It follows what sounds to be an excellent presentation from a local … Continue reading I’m presenting tonight

Tech.Ed 2008 Slides and Outcome

So Tech.Ed is over for another year.  No matter what I might be doing and where I might be heading I still have a very close affinity with technology (I’m still very much a geek at heart, and even my mug says so!) and so as much as Tech.Ed is busy and tiring for a speaker there is still some sadness when it is over. I think Tech.Ed was a success overall and I was very happy to see that my session was well received even though (or perhaps even because) it was not  a deeply technical session.  I’m actually … Continue reading Tech.Ed 2008 Slides and Outcome

Tech.Ed 2008

I’m back at Tech.Ed Australia this year, so come see me: ARC204 Career Development for Architects Wednesday, 3-9-2008 14:15 – 15:30, Parkside Auditorium  The top tier of the career pyramid in the development area belongs to Architects and most Developers are aiming for that target. There is, however, little concrete information available to help people chart that course. This session will provide a map of how to chart that course in meaningful, clear and achievable steps. Kevin will leaverage from his 23 years industry experience, 15 years architecture experience and experience leading large teams of Developers and Architects to outline … Continue reading Tech.Ed 2008