So what is Surface 2?

At CES in January Microsoft launched Surface 2.  While it did receive a lot of attention from the press and bloggers, I don’t think the attention was anywhere near the attention that was deserved for such a game changing and revolutionary product. Make no mistake – Surface 2 is just as innovative and even more game-changing than the original.  It isn’t just a minor update – it is a complete, deep rethink of the concept.  More importantly, this rethink has addressed all of the ‘issues’ with V1 that we see great potential for the product.  This means that as a … Continue reading So what is Surface 2?

BA World Slides Available

I have made the slides from the BA World presentation on ‘Business Analysts v Architects’ available on Slideshare.  Please let me know what you think, and if you would like me to come at present it in person at your organisation or user group please let me know.  I’m always happy to come and present this topic or any of the other topics that are listed here.

Office 2010 – The Movie – LoL!! [:)] Clippy?  Is clippy going to make a return?  I would seem so. I love this idea.  I was (apparently) one of the few people that liked the Office Assistants (although Clippy wasn’t the best).  I thought they did an excellent job of ‘humanising’ what is a fairly bland set of software products (sorry Office Dev team – it does look nice, but only as cool as a productivity suite can be).  It got me thinking though about the whole concept, and while I don’t know what the team is planning, and I can see a nightmare … Continue reading Office 2010 – The Movie

Architecture Big Bets – Part 1 – Replacing HTML (Finally!)

HTML is an excellent technology, and I truly raise my hat to Sir Tim Berners-Lee for inventing it.  My suggestion is that by now HTML is no longer suitable as either an application development platform or is optimal an information delivery method in some cases.  I’d like to present this theory as the first Architecture Big Bet. You probably know my views on that I have been talking for some time now about the fact that desktop applications are better for internal applications that are used by users for a significant period of time.  Well, the information that I have … Continue reading Architecture Big Bets – Part 1 – Replacing HTML (Finally!)

It’s all in the User Interface

You’d think that if I was going to start posting again then I would start by talking about what makes a good Architect or something given my last post, but I want to start by listing out some thoughts that I’ve had about user interfaces, The current and next big thing in architecture is the user interface.  This has been stated for some time now and anyone can see from Web 2.0 and AJAX that there is a shift towards more interactive and friendly UI’s.  I’d like to go one step better though and put out there that the major … Continue reading It’s all in the User Interface