Architect Knowledge

I’ve recieved a few questions from people along the lines of “I’m a Developer and I’m about to work as an Architect” or “I just got put in an Architect role and I’d like to know what I need to know to be a good Architect”.  This is obviously a big and complex question, and so I am writing a big and complex set of answers.  Trouble is that this is taking me ages though and I know that everyone is waiting for something to start on, so I have pulled out a few things that I suggest that you start … Continue reading Architect Knowledge

Waxing Lyrical About Cloud

At Tech.Ed is this year I spent most of the time talking about challenging the role of the Architect, but I did get some time to sit down with Darryl Chantry from Object and talk about another area that I’ve been spending a fair bit of time analysing of late – clould computing.  In a wide ranging discussion we talked about a comparrision of the different cloud platforms, the issues for organisations chosing a platform and moving to the cloud and the role of the Architect in cloud.  The video of the discussion is available from the Tech.Ed site here.

Slides from Tech.Ed 2009 Now Available…

The talk for this year’s Tech.Ed was ‘Challenging the Role of Architect’.  The talk is about the fundamental gap that exists between the approach and skills that Architect’s commonly display and what is needed from them to effectively deliver projects.  To do this I discuss the outcome of the late 10 years of CHAOS reports produced by the Standish Group and use this to point out just how badly we are doing as an industry.  From here, and with a clear understanding of what a project actually is and how pure Agile is not a suitable approach for the development … Continue reading Slides from Tech.Ed 2009 Now Available…

Tech.Ed 2009

I’m presenting in the Architecture Track at Tech.Ed Australia again, and maybe also Tech.Ed New Zealand for the first time.  Here’s what I was thinking of talking about: Challenging the Role of the ArchitectThere are as many definitions of the role of the Architect as there are organisations, and current shifts in approaches like Agile are further pushing the boundaries.  Do we even need Architects?  Many would suggest not.  In this talk, long-time Architect and Solutions Architect MVP Kevin Francis from Object Consulting will challenge the audience with his views on Architecture and Architects, covering areas such as: The role … Continue reading Tech.Ed 2009

BA World Slides Available

I have made the slides from the BA World presentation on ‘Business Analysts v Architects’ available on Slideshare.  Please let me know what you think, and if you would like me to come at present it in person at your organisation or user group please let me know.  I’m always happy to come and present this topic or any of the other topics that are listed here.

Early Bird Registration for Australian Architecture Forum

Just a quick note to let you know that Early Bird registration is open for the Australian Architecture Forum until July 15.  We are assembling a fantastic line-up of international speakers and Open Space participants from across the breadth of the IT landscape.  The conference is looking like better and better value all the time, and it is even better value if you register early. Hope you can come and join us!

SAF, Careers and ArcBOK

I haven’t blogged about this yet, but I have been thinking about it of late with some work that is happening at Object so I thought I would. In November I presented at the Strategic Architecture Forum in San Francisco. This conference sees Enterprise Architects, CTO’s and CIO’s from the largest companies in the US attend along with many of the leading architecture practitioners. I presented a talk there on ‘Growing Architects’, which pulled together the research that I have completed over the past three years with the help of other Architects from around the world. It provided CIO’s and … Continue reading SAF, Careers and ArcBOK

Career Development for Architects

Thanks to everyone that attended the presentation last night at the Victoria.NET Dev SIG.  Thanks especially for the lively discussion at the end. I’ve uploaded the presentation to SlideShare so you can review it again at your leisure. Please feel free to continue the conversation below, or by email.

I’m presenting tonight

Very late notice (it kind of snuck up on me like everything else does), but I am presenting tonight. The presentation is on my favourite topic of career development. and is about how developers can learn to become great architects and how architects can chart a course to the next step.  Something in it for everyone (as long as you are a developer or an architect!) The presentation is for Victoria .NET and is on at Microsoft’s Melbourne office at Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place (Southbank) from 5:30.  It follows what sounds to be an excellent presentation from a local … Continue reading I’m presenting tonight

Tech.Ed 2008 Slides and Outcome

So Tech.Ed is over for another year.  No matter what I might be doing and where I might be heading I still have a very close affinity with technology (I’m still very much a geek at heart, and even my mug says so!) and so as much as Tech.Ed is busy and tiring for a speaker there is still some sadness when it is over. I think Tech.Ed was a success overall and I was very happy to see that my session was well received even though (or perhaps even because) it was not  a deeply technical session.  I’m actually … Continue reading Tech.Ed 2008 Slides and Outcome