Presenting at BA World

I’m going to be brave over the next couple of months and present a few times at the series of BA World conferences in Australia.  I’m presenting the following at Business Analysts World in Sydney 6-8th July and then in Melbourne 13-15th July on Business Analysts v Architects.  You did know there was a war, right? [;)] Here’s the adbstract:

There is much tension in all IT shops and all projects about the role of Business Analysts and Architects. The point where the roles meet is subject to much contention, and even anguish in some cases. This issue has been further exasperated by the advent of agile approaches and new design tools that further blur the line between Architects, Developer and Business Analysts. In his presentation, Kevin Francis, who is an experienced Architect and senior manager of Architects, Developers and Business Analysts will examine this issue. He’ll provide best practices in integration between Business Analysts and the rest of the development team in a pragmatic manner that can align with agile. He’ll also discuss the use of tools in enabling this interface.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the points of interface between Business Analysts and Architects from an Architect’s perspective

  • Learn the best practices available in the space and the division of labour across the roles

  • Review tools available to support the analysis, design and architecture of solutions

I’ll post the presentation to my SlideShare page after the conference.

I’m also presenting at BA World in Canberra on September 21st-22nd on Requirements for Sustainable IT Systems.  More details on that to follow later.

Early Bird Registration for Australian Architecture Forum

Just a quick note to let you know that Early Bird registration is open for the Australian Architecture Forum until July 15.  We are assembling a fantastic line-up of international speakers and Open Space participants from across the breadth of the IT landscape.  The conference is looking like better and better value all the time, and it is even better value if you register early.

Hope you can come and join us!

Australian Architecture Forum

I’ve been involved with the Australian Architecture Forum for some time now, from the outside through an involvement with IASA.  Now that I’m with Object I have an opportunity to be involved from the inside, given that Object run the conference, and I’ve been putting a lot of time into the planning of this year’s Forum. 

It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that the Australian Architecture Forum (AAF) is ready to accept registrations.

We’re very proud of what we have planned for AAF this year.  We’ve leveraged the best ideas from conferences around the world, such as our use of Open Space Technology and a unique approach to opening our preparation to partners. 

We’ve also selected tracks to target some of the hottest architectural topics at the moment – cloud and sustainability, as well as a general architecture track to target architecture as a profession.

Have a look at the Australian Architecture Forum web site.  Registration is coming soon.  I’ll also be blogging on that site as our preparation continues.

Sustainable Architecture Presentation

I’ve finally uploaded the slides from the Sustainable Architecture Design presentation that I presented in May at the JAOO conference in Sydney and Brisbane.  The synopsis of the presentation is as follows:

  • Sustainability is not just something that organisations can aim for to be nice or for marketing reasons.  Rather, as governments increasingly aim to put a price on carbon electricity and the price of hardware will increase as the cost of carbon is passed on.
  • It is surprisingly possible to control the amount of resources used through an application’s architecture.
  • A number of approaches are outlined in the presentation for reducing resources used by applications and therefore cost and environmental impact.

This presentation is based on the article on the Green Maturity Model for Virtualisation that was published in Issue 18 of The Architecture Journal, supported by further work that has been completed by Object and myself on the subject.

The content is, of course, much better presented than read.  If you would like it presented live in your organisation please contact me through Object.

Feedback is welcome….

Talking about sustainability

Now that the article on The Green Maturity Model for virtualisation in Issue 18 of The Architecture Journal is out there and generating interest it is time to start talking about it,  The whole topic is of great interest and importance and I’ve continued to work on the IP behind it with others from Object.

I’m going to be presenting on Sustainable Architecture Design at JAOO in Sydney on May 8.

Details are here.

Hope to see you there.

SAF, Careers and ArcBOK

I haven’t blogged about this yet, but I have been thinking about it of late with some work that is happening at Object so I thought I would.

In November I presented at the Strategic Architecture Forum in San Francisco. This conference sees Enterprise Architects, CTO’s and CIO’s from the largest companies in the US attend along with many of the leading architecture practitioners.

I presented a talk there on ‘Growing Architects’, which pulled together the research that I have completed over the past three years with the help of other Architects from around the world. It provided CIO’s and CTO’s in the audience a toolkit for managing and developing Architects in their organisations. I think it was well revived and well understood

A key point of the presentation was the need for an ArcBOK – an architectural body of knowledge – within each organisation, as well as a well defined career path and process for managing careers and progression. Process Mentor provides an excellent repository for both Bodies of Knowledge and processes to support career management across all career streams in an organisation – not just Architecture.

At the moment we are in the middle of remodelling Object’s career structure based on this research.  We’re also strengthening the use of Process Mentor as a repository of both knowledge and processes across the Object organisation.  Process Mentor is a real gem from within Object and I cannot recommend it strongly enough as a BOK, as a process platform or as a methodology.  It was one of the main reasons why I chose Object and it hasn’t disappointed.

As a BOK Process Mentor allows us to store not only how we do things (process) but also the knowledge of why and when we do things in a coordinated manner.


Career Development for Architects

Thanks to everyone that attended the presentation last night at the Victoria.NET Dev SIG.  Thanks especially for the lively discussion at the end.

I’ve uploaded the presentation to SlideShare so you can review it again at your leisure.

Please feel free to continue the conversation below, or by email.

I’m presenting tonight

Very late notice (it kind of snuck up on me like everything else does), but I am presenting tonight.

The presentation is on my favourite topic of career development. and is about how developers can learn to become great architects and how architects can chart a course to the next step.  Something in it for everyone (as long as you are a developer or an architect!)

The presentation is for Victoria .NET and is on at Microsoft’s Melbourne office at Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place (Southbank) from 5:30.  It follows what sounds to be an excellent presentation from a local success story – QSR International.

See here for more details:

Architecture Big Bets 2008-2009 – Part 3 – Green Architecture

There are compelling reasons for designing systems in a way to minimise the use of recourses and the carbon footprint of each system or application. If you are not across the imperative to immediately address carbon emissions then I implore you to read The Weather Makers or Climate Wars. I did, and now I am scared.

Regardless of the ecological or survival reasons for green architectural design there are economic reasons that matter from an organisational perspective. If your organisation is not paying a tax for carbon expelled in powering its servers and applications then it soon will be. Also, your organisation is likely to have already committed to carbon reduction targets or a timeframe for achieving sustainable operation.

So, the next Architecture Big Bet is Green Architecture. There is much more to this than just virtualisation, and it takes thought and clever design to build applications that minimise power consumption, and therefore emissions. It is imperative that this occurs though, both ecologically and economically, so I would recommend that it enter your architecture principles.

For further details see my article in the upcoming issue of The Architecture Journal


ASWEC 2009 Call for Papers

The call for papers for the ASWEC 2009 Conference to be held on the Gold Coast 14-17 April is now open.

This year’s topic is “Agile, the New Mainstream”…

ASWEC provides a recognised forum for exchanging experience and new research results in software engineering, and is designed to offer the opportunity for interaction between software engineering researchers and industry practitioners. To deliver extra value to
participants, ASWEC 2009 will include a program of workshops and tutorials on current topics in software engineering led by experts in their fields.

I’m a great fan of ASWEC.  The concept of a conference that is about software engineering and is specifically design to bring industry and research together, without being run by a technology vendor, is quite unique.

See here for details: